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Senior Wellness Program

Seniors, as the aging Baby Boomers are becoming, comprise over 13% of our population. Those over age 65 will double in number between 2000 and 2030 and represent one in every five people. Perhaps a more significant statistic is the increase in seniors over age 85. Just 5.7 million individuals in 2008, this population will reach 10 million in the next two decades.

In Wisconsin, our residents mirror these national trends; 13.7% are over 65 and 2.1% are over 85.2 Under current mortality conditions, people who survive to age 65 can expect to live an average of 18.5 more years. The life expectancy of people who survive to age 85 today is 6.8 years for women and 5.7 years for men.

With aging comes change – physical, mental, emotional, and social. Although not all changes are negative, long-term care often focuses on managing an individual’s continuum of capacity over many years. A number of studies suggest that factors such as a healthy diet, exercise, and social engagement may be related to the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Currently, CHI Franciscan Villa’s Senior Wellness Program incorporates exercise and social activities. However we know a more comprehensive multi-faceted, person-centered program would be more effective in slowing aging and dementia progression.

Overview and Goals

In an effort to provide the best quality of care for our CHI Franciscan Villa residents and our neighboring communities, CHI Franciscan Villa’s expanded Wellness Program will incorporate physical, mental, emotional/spiritual, and social healthy lifestyle elements.

While some components of Senior Wellness are currently in place they lack a cohesive structure. The proposed program will be implemented over three years.

Year one structures both internal and external activities within Franciscan Courts, the assisted living facility, while also developing intake, wellness planning, and evaluation processes.

Year two focuses on expanding the program to CHI Franciscan Villa, Francis House, and Franciscan Gardens.

Year three brings senior wellness to the community, blending on-campus activities and exterior spaces for non-resident seniors with early stage dementia and their families.

Program elements will be implemented in both interior and exterior spaces to maximize mind, body and spirit wellness.

CHI Franciscan Villa is blessed to have a 16-acres campus, yet the grounds are not used as productively as possible. Families are often reluctant to visit their elderly relatives because there are few opportunities to engage in meaningful activities.

The Senior Wellness Program proposes to construct a multi-functional exterior space that incorporates the same elements as the “interior” program:

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